How I joined MOBE and 21 Step Program

I follow a lot of successful marketers and Shaqir Hussyin is one of them, actually I stumbled upon him accidentally on Twitter. In one of his email, he asked: “Do You Want To Make An Extra $10k, $50k Or Even $100,000+ Per Month From Home?”. Of cause I want and I clicked the link.


I landed on the promo page where Shaqir started telling about some program and I decided to try and clicked the button. This button redirected me to another landing page promoting MTTB. It stated “Fill In The Form Below To Apply For Private Access To Our 21-Step System And Start Making $1,250, $3,300 & $5,500 Commissions!”


Why not? I decided to give it a try, especially when Shaqir promised that he will get my money back + $500 on top if I wouldn’t get any money in the first month. A compelling offer, isn’t it?

I filled in the application form, paid $49 and got the email from Matt Lloyd saying “Thank you for placing your recent order. Please find the summary of your order below.”

30 minutes later I have got an email from my coach for the MOBE 21 Steps Program. His role is to help me understand the training, and more importantly, to help me implement the training so I can see results. Sounds good, never have been in the program with a personal coach.


I scheduled a Skype call and 10 hours later in the evening, we were speaking. He was from the UK and joined MOBE Affiliate Program as a coach 6 month ago, I told him about my experience and he told me about his. He got me from the first point that I’m not a rookie and open 5 Steps right from the start for me.

Next day I logged in and started listening to Matt. What I liked that he is from Australia too and gone a long way to earn his millions. He is a very educated guy with absolutely different vision and what he is telling about is nothing new but you never thought about that this way.

What I especially liked that they are using a very good psychology trick during every step:

  • Less than 91% make it to step 1
  • Less than 79% make it to step 2
  • Less than 45% make it to step 3
  • Less than 42% make it to step 4
  • Less than 39% make it to Step 5
  • So, congratulations! You’re in the top 36% who take action!
  • Less than 33% of people make it to step 7

Can you see this? How awesome! They congratulate you for every step you take and give you a number right away! So smart! I can imagine how many people purchased the system after that!

But let’s get back to MOBE company. I gone through 3 steps next morning and 2 more next day, sent a message to my coach asking to open Step 6 and 7 as after these steps you have to discuss something with your coach. Sounds really tricky and straight away you thinking “They are going to sell me something…” And you are totally right!

The first slip!

Moreover, Matt is asking you to subscribe to MOBE Inspiration to receive inspirational videos where you can see others, just like you, that have succeeded with MOBE program. This is, on one hand, is inspirational but on the other – brainwashing.

But before you will get a very nice book Limitless written by Matt Lloyd himself and I really recommend you to listen to it as they provide an MP3 file or read it as they post it to you. Actually, the very interesting thing happened to me – they promise to send you the book in paper format but as I’m Australian and paid $49 using my Australian credit card they sent me the book to my Australian address.

BUT! I’m traveling and currently in Europe, so for me, it’s better to get it to my European address. When I asked my coach “When can you send me the book?”, he replied back “It’s already on its way”. I said that I’m not in Australia and it’s better to send it to Europe where I am now and could you imagine what the answer I got? Nothing, no answer at all!

And this was the second slip.

The coach opened the Step 6 and 7 for me and next day in the morning I decided to find out what’s the catch. And here we go! At Step 6 of MOBE Affiliate Program Matt telling you how it’s important to get The Ultimate Business Model For Creating Your First $100,000 In Commissions Online. And he is trying to convince you to buy different products to help you start with the price range of $297 each. But later he is offering everything to you for FREE … only if you will buy a The Silver Masterclass for $2,497!!!

I hear you screaming “WHAT???”

But there is more. At the Step 7 Matt is offering The Gold Masterclass with all benefits for $4,997.

Right now you are here on Step 7. The fact that you’ve made it this far, shows me you’re willing to make a serious commitment to this program. So now I’m going to make a serious commitment to you.

What is interesting he is trying to convince you with a badge you can use on your website! Badge! Do you need to have a badge which no one knows about?

And he is offering the entire Gold Masterclass completely for free… if you will buy what? Right! The Silver Masterclass for $2,497.

This offer expires in just 5 days!!!

And there is more. During a video he is talking about MOBE Marketplace but never mentioning that it costs $19.95 per month. It is unusual for an affiliate program to charge you to sell the products and that is much more commonplace within the MLM world.


So I had to contact my coach as soon as possible to take advantage of the limited time offer on the Gold Masterclass.

And I did. I contacted the coach saying “I’m not a new guy and I will consider to buy it if you will open the next 14 steps for me which I will go through during next 5 days while the special offer is available”. He replied “Roman, if that the way you want to play it that’s fine.

The MTTB system is the hugest converting funnel in the industry you can have an opinion just can’t deny the success my friend. Be a businessman and make a business decision, I did when I saw MOBE 21 step program, I didn’t blink because I knew what was in front of me I would succeed with and you should be doing the same.”

I’m not saying it’s good or bad, I’m just telling you my story. If you want to pay lots of money for the privilege of making high commissions then this program may be for you.

Subscribe to find out what happened next while I am waiting for the answer from my coach.

And this is the third slip.

Ok, my coach finally opened the rest of the Steps for me.

At Step 8 Matt is suggesting to register with their own payment system eWallet where they will be paying your commissions to every two weeks. The question is why do you need to develop your own system if you can use PayPal which gives you automatic trust of customers and protects both parties?

And this is the fourth slip.

Congratulations! Less than 29% make 
it to the step 9! At step 9 and 10 Matt talks about setting a goal and business models. What’s important and what you have to focus on. Actually, he is suggesting to pick a big ambitious target in your life and follow the steps to achieve it. This is a really good advice as many of us don’t think about that at all. You have to be crystal clear about your destination.

At Step 11 Matt tells that the most effective selling device is a CASE STUDY and this is absolute truth. He is talking about right things and undeniable truth but using this to make you believe you should promote MOBE products. But how you can become a product and get testimonials if you don’t know the product? Stop! I know how! You can just on and order about 5-10 testimonials from different people asking them to say what you want for just $5, and they publish them on your website.

Actually, during this step, he is pitching you with testimonials from people talking how good MOBE is. I don’t tell MOBE is bad but what people saying in videos is too good to be truth. Then he continues to pitching telling how he invested $9000 in his business course on Fiji and how it is important to invest money in yourself.

And he mentioning the badge again! People who will see it should trust more… I hardly believe it will force me to buy the product if there is a shiny badge on a website. This is not Google or Adobe. Actually, you study something not because of the badge but because of the knowledge. In today’s reality, you can have any kind of badge on your website but it doesn’t mean you know something. Titanium, Platinum or Diamond badges wouldn’t make me become the certified expert, the products value and good recommendations will.

“Matt, telling people that you haven’t updated your blog during a whole month is a really bad approach to online marketing!”

So where do you see yourself now? Titanium, Platinum or Diamond MOBE consultant with a shiny badge?

In Step 12 Matt keeps pushing his pitch about promoting MOBE seminars and how much will you get from each referral, he drops numbers, interviews, and facts on how much will you get but always missing the one point – how much you should invest to become a certified affiliate expert and how much advertising will cost you.

If you want to find the money badly enough you will find the way.

In Step 15 Matt is telling you how you can get high commissions. And this is after you become a certified consultant = paid the money (big money). You have to find other people who will become top producers… after they will buy this program, become certified consultant and start selling the same product… sounds like good old MLM, isn’t it? And you will be paid 5% from their sale growth.

“And if you wouldn’t be certified you will end up leaving a lot of money on the table” saying Matt. Then he is giving you a chance to watch a video where he plays with people minds and makes them believe how much they losing if they don’t buy their next level membership. The keyword here is BUY. You have to buy something to get some shady commission that maybe will happen maybe not.

When I was going to check other Steps system started playing the fool and giving me messages like “You must complete Getting Started to access this training. If you believe you should already have access, please contact your coach.”. I suppose this is how coaches force you to contact them and don’t go away for free. A very scammy system!


This was the final fifth slip!

Right after that, I received a Skype message from my coach asking how are my things coming alone. By accident? Don’t think so.


7 thoughts on “How I joined MOBE and 21 Step Program”

  • Excellent research! my advice, is ‘have a STRONG opinion’ and stand by it. MOBE is a SCAM! See that was not that difficult! Make no apologies, you are an excellent blogger and have provided valuable information on MOBE. Bravo bud! I like it!

    On his website John Chow goes on and on about how he has 300,000 daily visitors, and 100,000 twitter followers, to establish his authority and reputation, then says he has made millions with MOBE. Wake up folks ANYONE with that much traffic and that many followers can make millions with ANYTHING. However people with NO AUDIENCE don’t stand a chance of duplicating that level of success. If you want to make money online the first step is to focus on growing your audience. Save your money, grow your audience first!

    Great article SavvyBloke, loved your research, thank you for peeling back the curtain and letting us take a look under the hood of MOBE.

    • Hi David, thanks for your comment. Yes, if you have a list you can do a lot of money. Unfortunately, some people understand it too late. MOBE offer sounds very catchy and a guy doing a great job scamming people, but it will get back to him sooner or later.

  • Omg I’m on step 6. I’ve had nothing but drive and determination until now. This is all new to me and I’m learning so much. I hope it works out for me. I’m in serious financial debt due to being a single mom with disabled 5 yr old. Laid off a few months back. A mortgage, vehicle, and every other Bill like everyone else.. What do I do?

    • Hi Cat, I wouldn’t recommend you to continue as MOBE is a scam, this is the reason I spent my time to write this article to help people avoid it. So please find another approach like Shopify or Amazon based websites. If you need advice on that let me know.

  • Hi savvy bloke, I stumbled on your article a little too late for me as I had just gone ahead to sign up. I m a single mother of 2kids with one just 5days old. I m scared of how I m going to cater for them hence I signed up not knowing it’s a scam. I will be glad if you can provide me with real online/work from home type of jobs as I will not be going back to my job soonest. Broken mum

    • Hi Martina, sorry to hear that but you should get out of MOBE asap. What I recommend you is to start reading and listening to Doug Cunnington and Spencer Hawks, they will teach you how to set up a business based on Amazon or other affiliates. This is the most common way for moms to make money online. Listen to their youtube case studies, you will get a lot of inspiration. Also, I can recommend you to start your own blog on kids and food, this is a very good niche and you will get a lot of connections. I soon start my own COURSE on how to build A PROFITABLE NICHE AFFILIATE SITE in the right way and get into to the Top 30 just with a content. Let me know if you need any help.

  • Thank you all for this information. I just finished step 6 and booked an appointment with my coach for so he can provide more information on the sliver master class ( which I has hopes of joining).I’m definitely canceling. Thank you all

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