How to set automatic social media posting on your blog

When you run a huge website with a lot of articles you want to handle automatic social media posting and reduce the time of posting manually. And by posting I mean not only new articles but old ones too as this is very important for your traffic and SEO.

Sure there is a bunch of WordPress plugins over there but I like to use the Revive Old Post. This plugin helps you to keeps your old posts alive by sharing them and driving more traffic from social media.

When you have a bunch of websites (especially in download niche, more about that later) you don’t want to spend your time posting everything manually, you want just set and forget. And this is exactly what this plugin does.

Revive Old Post has 80,000+ active installs with average rating of 4 stars and this is a very good sign to give it a try.

You can download this plugin on and install it on your blog right away. The free version is enough for automatic social media posting on Facebook and Twitter. Pro version allows you to post on LinkedIn and Tumblr.

Revive Old Post

Once you installed and activated the plugin you need to link it to your Twitter account and Facebook page.

Revive Old Post

To link it to your Twitter account you need to authorize the plugin to send tweets from your name.

Revive Old Post

Once you authorized the access you will see the following.

Revive Old Post

This was the easiest part now let’s link it to your Facebook page. You need to be sure that you created the page already.

On your WordPress page click on “Add account” opposite the “Facebook login” section. You will see the pop-up window with instructions on how to create Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret.

Here is what you need to do:

    • Go to
    • Click on Create New App from the top right corner
    • Select WWW from the four options
    • Enter the name of your app (stick to your website name)
    • Enter your contact email and select and Category
    • Click on “Create App ID”
    • Scroll down and enter your website URL in the “Tell us about your website” section
    • Scroll up and click on “Skip quick start” on the right
    • Copy App ID and App Secret, and enter them into the pop window on your WordPress website
    • Click “Authorise App” button
    • Let the app post on your behalf

Finally you will see the following pop up window where you should select your page or your profile.

Revive Old Post

Once you linked Twitter and Facebook accounts let’s set up time, post format and interval.

Revive Old Post

You have a few options here and here is the most important of them:

Revive Old Post

In Minimal Interval you can set hours between shares. I prefer to keep it to 24 if it’s a blog as I don’t want my readers to be spammed. But if it’s a downloading niche website I stick to 2-3 which means it will be posting every 2-3 hours.

Minimum age of post I set to 0 and Maximum to 1000000. A number of posts to share is 1. Leave the tick for the share old posts more than once.

I personally don’t use Google Analytics Tracking but you can if you want. You can also exclude categories such as Uncategorized.

Now let’s move to the Post Format section.

Revive Old Post

You can set format of automatic social media posting separately for Twitter and Facebook, and this is important.

As Twitter allows to use only 140 symbols please set the “Post Content” to Title only and add hashtags as they are important for Twitter promotion.

Facebook is another story. set the “Post Content” to Title and Body, change “Length” to 300 and use “Additional Text” field, add there something like “Find out more on our website”. In the “Additional Text At” select End of Post.

Everything is done, now you have to push “Save” and “Start Sharing” buttons. Your problem solved and you can go and grab a cup of tea or coffee while Revive Old Post plugin taking care of automatic social media posting.

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